Shurmed Health is now a subsidiary of Precision Converting, a 3M™ Preferred Converter and a division of Hisco.

Industry-leading producer of specialty adhesive solutions for the medical industry

We are Shurmed Health

Our Mission is to improve the patient experience by advancing the way medical devices bond to the body

About Us

Based in Sarasota Florida, Shurmed Health is part of Precision Converting, a Division of Hisco, specializing in the manufacture, design and development of custom pressure-sensitive adhesive products for the medical device and healthcare market. We provide turnkey solutions for applications in advanced wound care, medical device fixation, patient monitoring, consumer wellness and more.

Precision Converting was founded in May 1988 in Anaheim, California and has since grown to include four regional converting locations to offer complete coverage throughout North America. Backed by the international power of Hisco, Precision Converting continuously innovates to deliver a broad range of products that meet a wide variety of needs while providing unmatched quality and service to the industries they serve.

Shurmed is an ISO 13485 certified and FDA registered facility.

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Turnkey Solutions

Vertical integration allows us to manage the complete process, from formulation, coating, converting and slitting to printing and packaging.

Rapid Development

Our team of product developers works diligently to assist you in bringing your product from concept to prototype to finished solution quickly.

Diverse Technical Expertise

Our knowledge and experience in adhesives, substrates, converting and packaging allow us to provide customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

Commitment to Innovation

We use state-of-the-art technology and materials to continuously innovate and provide solutions that meet the demands of the medical industry.


We can help you design your products keeping end user ease of use and patient comfort in mind while maintaining high standards of performance for both domestic and professional healthcare usage.

Markets We Serve

We formulate specialty adhesive solutions to meet the specific needs of a variety of markets in the medical industry. Whether you require an adhesive that is skin-friendly, delivers long-term performance, prevents the spread of bacteria, or promotes patient comfort, our team of product developers is committed to formulating a custom solution to meet your specific needs.

Wound Care

Advanced Wound Dressings Designed for Comfort and Healing

Proper wound dressing requires the right combination of secure adhesion and gentleness in order to promote healing. Wound care products are designed to promote skin health with skin-friendly adhesives, prevent infection, and withstand fluid contact so that you can continue to provide quality care to your patients.

Applications: Wound Dressings, Ostomy supplies, Silicone Foam Wound Dressings, Wound Compression Accessories, Negative pressure wound care

Medical Device Fixation

Skin-friendly Adhesives Engineered for Reliability

Our product experts engineer adhesives for use in wearable medical device fixation applications, with solutions for use on varying skin types that withstand a range of activity and moisture levels.

Applications: Continuous Drug Infusion, Catheters, IVs, Nasal tubes, Endotracheal tubes


Adhesive Solutions Formulated to Prevent Infection

Preventing Surgical Site Infections is critical – that’s why our specialty adhesive solutions are formulated to deliver an airtight bond that prevents the spread of bacteria to the incision site in surgical applications.

Applications: Single-use adhesive surgical drapes, Surgical site dressings

Patient Monitoring

Body-Mounted Medical Devices Made for Accuracy

We know the importance of accurate patient monitoring. That’s why we formulate custom skin contact interfaces for use with electrodes, cables, defibrillators, and other monitoring devices with skin-friendly pressure-sensitive adhesives that meet medical grade standards for patient wellbeing.

Applications: Insulin/glucose monitoring, Pulse Oximetry, Temperature Monitoring, Defibrillators

Consumer Wellness

Personal Care Products Built to Promote Healing

From first aid to personal care, we develop specialty adhesives for household and commercial medical use. Built to be gentle on skin and comfortable to wear, the products that we manufacture meet the performance expectations demanded by consumers.

Applications: First aid bandages, cosmetic patches, Scar treatment, Cosmetic footcare treatment

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Turnkey solutions and contract manufacturing for home and professional medical use

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